A possible solution for Laravel Undefined offset: 0 error

If we access an index that does not exist or an empty offset, it will lead to an undefined offset error. Sometime during the route call in Laravel, we get Undefined offset errors. This may lead to confusion if we do not know what is the cause of the error. In this article, we have tried to explain possible solutions for Laravel Undefined offset 0 errors.

Undefined offset: 0

  • It might be that you are using a get, using post might help.
  • It seems like you are returning an empty array. Try and return dd($user) to make sure it is correct and then try the same with $query->get(). That should tell you if the query is the problem.
  • Check for table joining if the joining condition is true. For example, you are joining two tables one the basis of integer and one column has string value.
  • Check the joining column’s Collation, it should be the same.

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