How to Back Up a MySQL Database in cPanel

Database is a core part of any project so its mandatory to keep it safe and for this, we have to take its backup on time to time. We can easily perform this activity in cPanel to keep our database safe.

cPanel gives you options to an export database in SQL, CSV, JSON, PDF, PHP array, text, XML, and in many more formats. Just follow the given steps to export the MySQL database from cPanel.

1. Log into your cPanel account.

2. Scroll down or search “phpMyAdmin” and click.

3. In phpMyAdmin, choose the database you wish to backup from the list in the left side panel.

4. After selection, click on the Export tab at top of the page

5. In the Export page, select the Quick Export option and keep the format as SQL and click on Go.

6. When you click Go, your database backup gets created and downloaded in your local machine. Save it in a safe folder for future use. You can later import it into any database for use.

Hope this tutorial will help you. You can also check How to import CSV file into PHPMyAdmin.