How to enable and disable website Cache or Varnish on cPanel

How to enable and disable website Cache or Varnish on cPanel

Enable Varnish on cPanel. Varnish is a caching technology. It’s an internet accelerator and likewise referred to as an HTTP accelerator or reverse HTTP proxy, which is able to considerably improve the efficiency of your website.

Varnish cache is really quick thereby, velocity up the supply relying on your structure.

It should improve your web site’s efficiency. Varnish shops a duplicate of the web page which is served by the online server the primary time a person visits the web site. Subsequent time, when the person requests for a similar web page, varnish will serve the copy as an alternative of serving it from the online server.

Thus, your webserver must deal with solely fewer site visitors and thereby improve the web site efficiency and likewise scale back the server load.

Working of Varnish Cache

As soon as Varnish is put in your server, it would pay attention to the port 80. Make Apache pay attention to some other port aside from 80. When a consumer requests for a web page in your web site, Varnish will attempt to serve the web page from its cache reminiscence. That is a cache hit. If the web page shouldn’t be in its cache reminiscence, then Varnish will request to HTTP (Apache) to serve the web page and caches it for future reference.

  1. Login to Cpanel
  2. Search for website caching
  3. Click and enter into that folder
  4. In list, you will find the Action tab to enable or disable website cache.

You can purge the cache if you have just made some changes to the website layout. Basically, when we update something new on website, that time due to cache, new changes do not appear on the website. To make sure user get always a fresh website content, always purge the cache whenever there are some changes are made in HTML or CSS.