How to Scan Your Email and Website for Viruses Using cPanel

It is mandatory to scan your website and email for viruses from time to time. Many cPanel hosting comes with a pre-installed virus scanner feature to protect threats on your mails and website directory. You can scan your full website with this tool when needed using cPanel. Its a good tool and most of the time can detect many types of threats like viruses, malware, Trojan horses, and malicious scripts.

In this artical we will let you know how to use the virus scanner tools in Cpanel to scan your website files.

To use Virus scanner, just follow the below steps:

1.  Log in to your cPanel account.

2. Scroll or search for “Advanced” section and click on Virus Scanner.

3. Once page gets open, you will get list of option to scan the different directory.

4. Select the files (directory) you want to scan and click on the Scan Now button.

5. When you click on the button, a page will open which will show you the scanned files and other files too which may have been infected.

6. if no virus found then your website is ok, but if the virus found, then just click on the OK button and it will take you to new page. In the new page, you will get three options Quarantine, Destroy, or Ignore to deal with the virus. Choose the option and click on the blue Process Cleanup button.

7. A new screen will appear showing  Cleanup Process has been completed.